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Productos y servicios

Our company can deliver to our clients products cutomized to their requirements, adapting the widths and thickness, and assuring high quality standards. Our company have more than 32 years of experience in the indrustrial furniture sector.

We can offer innovative products based on chipboard, MDF/HDF laminating in all sizes and thickness, recoatable papers, customized laminating of natural and prefabricated veneers, etc.


Natural and prefabricated veneers.

Precoated and recoatable papers.

Chipboard and MDF laminating in all sizes and thickness.

High pressure laminanting HPL

Standard E-1 chipboard y  CARB-2 availabe on-demmand .

Other products

Chipboard, MDF and melamines.

Back panels

Marquetry and “atamborado” (Emptied chipboards with a wood framework).

Thick Wooden Edging.


Trimming and sizing to exact size.

Edge covering with veneer and PVC, from 0.4 mm to 3 mm.

Edge covering in shaped pieces.

Edge covering in boards with thickness from 9 mm to 101mm.


Mechanized works in thick edges with radius both in straight and shaped pieces with finished works in vertex & edges.

Drilling in surfaces and edges and also wooden nails.

Grooves, slots and edge molding.

Different works in machining center.

Softforming of edges in different kinds of moldings.


Folding or “V” cut