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Política de cadena de custodia

Política de cadena de custodia

The business’s management main target is to satisfy the customer expectations, and to achieve the defined requirements.

The business’s management is committed to the environment, and therefore it has been defined a Custody Chain, which satisfy the requirements established on the international standards PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) and FSC (Forest Stewarsheep Council).

The business’s management is commited to:

  • To enforce every requirement defined in the custody chain, extracted from the PEFC and FSC regulations.
  • To enforce the local, national or international law, related to the forestry activities, and not to use raw materials form ilegal or controversial sources, such as:
    • Wood extracted illicity or provinient from areas where civil and traditional rights are violated.
    • wood Harvested from High Conservation Value Forests which are threaten by business activities.
    • Wood from forests which are being converted to farms or to any other non-forestal use.
    • Wood extracted from genetically modified trees.
  • To manage the resources focusing on the continuous improvement of efficiency on different processes.
  • To offer environmentally friendly products to our clients through the use of certificated raw materials, and therefore being a partner in sustaining the environment.
  • To enforce the local, national or international law related to healthcare, security and worker rights, not violating the IOL conventions, as defined by the Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.
  • To develop and publicise this politic in order to be known by the employees, suppliers, customers and all the parts involved

We consider essential the active involvement of everyone in order to achieve a good level of competitiveness and the customer satisfaction.


Signed: The management department.
17 february 2014

Talesa with the environment

Our integrated management system is based on specific action plans, focused on work and cooperation, which main target is the continuous quality improvement, envirnoment and labor risk prevention.